The space in-between — getting up close with some beautiful & technical fabrics for a new material collection: spacer, titanium, loop pile and a super strong laminate


 In anticipation of the launch of ETHEREAL, here comes Shards; the 4th mini collection.


 Last chance to pre-order the ETHEREAL material collection for design and save 10%. From diffusion to dichroic and refraction to reflection, these materials create the opportunity for designers to play with light, colour and the surrounding environment. The collection is almost complete and launching soon.



Adding some of my books to the website! 




Some handmade versus machine-made colour and pattern samples going into the ETHEREAL material trend book for design



SUSTAIN is an optimistic and unbiased exploration into materials that have a positive impact on people and the planet. It provides an insight into some of the most innovative materials being introduced to the market, as well as age-old materials treasured for their enduring qualities.


The binding and packaging is plastic-free: the paper covers are Favini Crush Cherry/Ciliegia (a paper made from recycled pulp and the byproducts of cherry processing); the inserts are cut from lightweight, recycled paper honeycomb panels; and the slip case is recycled greyboard wrapped with linen.


There are many individuals, institutions and companies doing amazing things with materials, turning waste into resource and making a positive impact on people and the planet. SUSTAIN draws on some of the best, including grown mushroom packaging, progress in organic farming methods, sustainable timber modification techniques that extend the durability of hardwood, the adoption of bioplastics and biocomposites, bamboo fibre produced without any harmful byproducts, the rediscovery of bark cloth (using techniques that date back millennia, these materials were likely the precursor to paper) and the incredible advances made in waste recycling.


The new material trend book coming soon — SUSTAIN — page 9 of 10, Wild & foraged materials... available to pre-order at 20% off 


In anticipation of the launch of SUSTAIN in a few weeks, here comes Offcuts; the 3rd mini collection. Each of the five samples tells an incredible story: injection moulded wood that transforms what we can do with this carbon-neutral raw material; starch plastic packaging that is home compostable; byproducts converted into durable and beautiful materials; renewable and sustainable man-made fibres as soft and smooth as silk; and packaging grown from mushroom mycelium. The samples come packaged in paper made from Favini Crush Cherry/Ciliegia (paper pulp mixed with byproducts from processing cherries) combined with Dufaylite recycled paper honeycomb.


SUSTAIN is coming together! From bioplastics to byproducts, these are beautiful materials that tell fascinating stories. Each one having a positive impact on people and the planet. Get involved—now available for pre-order


Here comes SUPER LIGHT, material book no. 2. High-performance materials like you’ve never seen. Composites, panels, foams, aerogel, super fibres, technical textiles, natural materials… all looking truly beautiful. For inspiration / specification / knowledge... shop


Snippets: specimens and experiments taken from the forthcoming SUPER LIGHT material trend book


A collection of five of the most beautiful materials—super fibre, self-reinforced plastic, pultruded carbon fibre with a braided jacket, nomex honeycomb and horn—with the most incredible properties, now available to buy


The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals


We are currently shipping our book with a few complimentary material samples included. Get your copy here