Make Material ApS is an agency that brings together writing, materials, manufacturing, design and sustainability. Rob Thompson connects the production line with the design studio, and breakthrough material innovation with the circular economy. He has published seven books on the subject which have been translated into several languages and sold worldwide. Working with research institutes, brands and universities, Rob empowers designers with the knowledge to create meaningful and long lasting products and services.

Over the course of two decades, Rob has guided many different types of project from concept to completion. Working across healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive and architecture, Make Material delivers inspiring and innovative solutions. Often it requires forging new partnerships, linking design into manufacturing and material suppliers, and integrating solutions from multiple industries and contexts. 


From age-old materials to new technologies, exploring the massive potential in material innovation for design and engineering.


Working with existing supply chains, as well as establishing new ones, to enable cost-sensitive innovation in manufacturing and materials.


Providing insight into material and manufacturing technologies to enable more sustainable decision making on design projects.


Working through the options, optimising the technical and aesthetic, and finding a balance in the process to yield the best results.


Collaborating with design teams to create stories and products built around materials that connect the brand with the consumer in meaningful ways.


Taking innovative concepts from idea through to production, establishing best practice and building and training teams to deliver exceptional results.