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Containing over 70 unique colour samples, from copper to titanium and powdery neons to structural blues, this limited edition material book explores colour at its fullest.



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Beautiful materials with incredible properties: lightweight engineered materials range from familiar carbon fibre composites to aerogel, the lightest of all. 


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This book is an optimistic and unbiased exploration into the sustainable materials. It provides an insight into some of the most innovative materials being introduced to the market, as well as age-old materials treasured for their enduring qualities.


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This limited edition collection explores semi-transparent materials for design, architecture and fashion. From diffusion to dichroic and refraction to reflection, these materials create the opportunity for designers to play with light, colour and the surrounding environment.


Under development

A limited edition collection exploring the beautiful world of technical textiles and smart fabrics. From titanium coated to knitted spacer and conductive to reflective, textiles provide a rich and diverse source of inspiration. 

Make Material is an agency founded by Rob Thompson setup to translate trends into tangible and meaningful materials for design. As well as material research and development, Make Material publishes material sourcebooks available to buy. A new issue will be launched twice a year, providing a fresh set of samples for your library and to provoke the next generation of design. Follow the curation and production process on instagram 

About Rob

Rob Thompson is the author of seven design books that explore materials and manufacturing technology—from sustainability to aerospace composites and low-volume to mass-production. They have been translated many times and have become the industry's go-to reference. He is an internationally recognised expert on materials for design who has been involved in the development of a range of materials and products for global clients, including LG Electronics, P&G, Panasonic and Nokia. Rob contributes teaching and research to universities worldwide, and most recently led the Materials Team as SVP at Arrival, an electric vehicle start-up in the UK. 

 Rob has once again excelled. The latest Fragments collection is a wondrous selection of beautifully curated tints, and spectacular metallic from beetles and naturally occurring iridescence. Great job.

Jared Mankelow, Founder Objest


A stunning collection of inspiring materials that are beautifully packaged

Dan Black, Co-founder and Lead Designer, black+blum


Extremely interesting and beautifully conceived

Rosi Guadagno, Philips Lighting Italy SpA


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