This book is an optimistic and unbiased exploration into sustainable materials. It provides an insight into some of the most innovative materials being introduced to the market, as well as age-old materials treasured for their enduring qualities. The samples are intended as a starting point to help designers take a progressively sustainable and low-carbon approach

to product development, ensuring their projects have a positive impact on people and the environment.


SUSTAIN features 60 samples including biomaterials (alternatives to plastics that are grown, not manufactured), semi-synthetics (plastics derived from renewable biomass), organic matter (textiles that do require/have eliminated any chemicals to be added during extraction, production or use), synthetics (from closed loop to compostable, eco innovations in synthetic materials), colour and graphics (eco printing, colouring and coating technologies), byproducts (materials made from waste), lightness (innovative and low impact structural materials), sustainable wood products (from engineered timber to moulded wood), wild and foraged (raw materials that have to be found, not farmed) and recycled




Organic matter


Colour & graphics



Sustainable wood products

Wild & foraged