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From copper to titanium and powdery neons to structural blues, this limited edition material trend book explores colour at its fullest. The material samples span natural colour phenomena, such as neon blue produced by the surface texture on certain feathers, to bright and bold synthetics. While in some cases the natural colour of material is celebrated (fabrics and metals, for example) a range of techniques have been employed to reveal further potential for design. With over 70 unique material samples—spanning embossing, flocking, perforating, coating, laminating, various weaving techniques, synthetic and natural dyes, chrome and vegetable tanning, casting and screen printing—CHROMA provides an inspiring and indispensable addition to any material library. 


The book is divided into ten parts. Each comes with a range of samples, an explanation of the phenomena and examples of applications, where appropriate. Each sample is labelled with information about the material and technology, providing the perfect starting point for any project, workshop or design exercise. CHROMA showcases some of the most exciting colour, material and technology combinations, brought together to help inspire the most compelling future designs.


Pure colour

Structural colour

Vivid synthetics

Natural colour

Colour haptic

Luminous polymers

Colour layering

Saturated gradients

Rich metallics

Super brights